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Brand Atena

Software Company since 1986, Assintel founding partner, holds a portfolio of leading innovative solutions such as: Finance Atena®, ERP and Software for Financial Investigations, for the Registry of Reports (Agenzia delle Entrate) and for Anti-Money Laundering (BankItalia).

Brand Finance Atena

The first FinTech platform in Europe, based on AI, for Predictive, Economic-Financial Consulting for any type of Investment and Business Model, to ensure maximum Reliability, Opportunity and Profitability for the Public and Private sector.

Brand WeInvest

An Investment and Consultancy company whose mission is summarised in "Get Value to your Asset”. It ensures maximum profitability, through a Systemic Approach, in Real Estate and Corporate, with Finance Atena® and the Network Club Deal WeInvest.

Brand Emotions for Business

Company that has defined a new way of Business Communication based on: Marketing, for defining Strategy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, for effective content structuring, and the Art of Cinema to convey the emotional power that only it is capable of.

Club Deal WeInvest


On Wednesday June 15, 2022, the Official Webinar was held to introduce the new and dynamic Network Club Deal WeInvest for Investors, Ambassadors and Partners, with the aim of enhancing business capabilities.

The network of our Club Deals is based on our Innovative Consultancy Methodology, which is encapsulated in the phrase: "Get Value to your Investments for an Innovative, Real and Sustainable Economy & Finance". This methodology is targeted at those who are interested in selling, purchasing or optimising an Asset, whether it be in the real estate or corporate sector.

The Network Club Deal WeInvest consists of 11 Sectorial Thematic Club Deals, designed to promote sustainable and profitable investments in the Real Economy, taking into account the specificities of each sector. Real Estate, Technology - ICT, Energy, F&B, Luxury, Circular Economy and many more are among our Club Deals, chosen based on market sectors that are experiencing progressive and consistent growth in terms of innovation, market value and investment opportunities.


Members of the Club Deal Network can rely on sector experts who make up our Net Intelligence based on "Investor @The Center". This network of "collective intelligence" provides the opportunity to access comprehensive and unique market expertise to support Investors and Ambassadors in every phase of the investment lifecycle. Our partners possess a range of skills, including organizational and managerial expertise, as well as economic, financial, legal and sector-specific knowledge. 


Improve your ability to close deals and maximise the profitability of every investment: learn more about the Network Club Deal WeInvest.

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Our Live Event in numbers... 

Great success for this third live event, presented by WeInvest's Co-Founder & Member of Management Board, Stefano Baroncini

646 registred participants with 284 viewers during the live session, 3321 unique visits to the LinkedIn event page, and over 4400 Social Impressions. These are just some of the results achieved from our "Club Deal WeInvest" Event held on LinkedIn Live and Zoom. 

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